by. Deborah K.

Once there was an old and hungry raccoon that found out about a farm across a stream. The farm grew tasty fruits and vegetables. The old raccoon carefully crossed the stream every night to fill his empty stomach. This process of swimming against the current was time consuming and weakened the raccoon, but he did it anyway lightheartedly thinking of all the fresh and delectable fruits he will have access to. One day, the raccoon was crossing the stream cautiously like any other day when he came across something hard under his paws. He looked down to see baby turtles that lived at the brook of the stream. The raccoon swiftly crossed the stream by stepping on the turtles without wetting a single strand of hair. After fulfilling himself, the raccoon thought to himself.
‘How splendid it would be if I use the turtles to cross the stream every day.’

Since then, the raccoon searched for the baby turtles to cross the stream. Though the turtles found the raccoon heavy to sustain, they did not complain or even grunt. Everyday the turtles allowed the raccoon’s claws to grip on to their frail back shell. Thanks to these baby turtles, the raccoon was able to cross the stream any time he was hungry, take a nap near the farm, and return home again by borrowing the turtles’ shells. The raccoon became more dependent on the turtles and became fatter and weaker till he nearly lost his eyesight. Two months later, the feeble raccoon visited the stream once again only to find out that the turtles were no where to be found. The raccoon was already too sick to take another step further, and slumped down right on the spot. Moments later, five large turtles with strong shield-like backs passed the raccoon.

‘Guess you were too busy filling your greed instead of taking care of yourself. While you stepped over our delicate back, we grew to be stronger and can no longer swim in this small shallow stream. We now leave to a large one. Good bye then!’


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